Monday, June 29, 2009


Adakah sekolah kita menyiasuikan?
Hingga tiada duit untuk membayar website?
Ke manakah semua duit pergi?
Beli cat?
Beli komputer?
Saya pun tak tau.
Tanya pengetua lah!
Sekolah Harapan punya website tak bayar

i noe i havent update about kem integrasi
lazy now
and considering if i want to go to school
3 H1N1 cases leh
Hantar my folio then gt reason nt to go school liao

Monday, June 22, 2009


June 20th , 2009
Today's the big day
AGM of St.John Perimbun.
The night before..
Me,kit,tommy,kwonki,kkj and pon went to ZiEn house
We went there to prepare for the Perasmian thing.
Actually i want to go at 8.30 de.
But dunno how pull until 9.30 lol.
Then we went to buy Battery and Polystrene board.
RM42 weh..Very expensive.
Then arrive at his house..
Went up to his room.
Kwonki and tommy playing Naruto o.
THen i open laptop do stuff liao.
Draft the idea,design the video.
Took 3 hours to design that 1 minute perasmian video.
By the time finish also 3am ++ liao.
Then i slp awhile oni.
About 5,dunno who pokgai go open light.
Then that kKj go play winning.
Very wad de lo,the light so bright.
5.30 i wan go call kwonki wake up
Mahem,like small kid like that.
DUN WAN DUN WAN then kick me.
His sleeping position also like little kid.
About 6,we walked to school.
Then arrived,go to 5 Alfa.
Waseh got some new cadet there liao.
SO EARLY leh..
Then let the ppls see the vide.
They go practice,i become the radioman lo.
Then keep run from Bilik Angsana ~ Muhibah Square.
Check the projector things.
Then masuk baris.
Long story cut short.
Took the cadet badge,made 1 small mistake.
Ran up to the APD there.
ZiEn them have Kawad Irama
Watched the music with kit.
Then run to the Bilik Angsana.
Prepared everything for the Perasmian.
Here comes the big moment.
The video is played.
Then the "thing" was to be taken to be cut.
The crowd suddenly HIGH liao.
This time de perasmian very successful.
Then we go in sit lo.
Watched everything.
Then time for the break.
Gt free food leh.
Went back,then gt ppl let stole things.
I went to check my bag.
That stealer played with my cube lol..
But didnt steal my pendrive.
Then went to search things that are lost.
Then went back to angsana.
Asked for the new AJKs
Then after everything ended..
Went to 5 Alfa,chatted around.
Then found out that YC gt ...
Later want to wait for those AJK finish meeting de.
But cant wait liao.
Walk to McDonald.
Then on the way arh.
Very wad de lo.
Got alot AJK pass by us in car.
But din tumpang us o.
Very tulan lol.
Go there,eat liao then talk.
DC DM also there.
The DC and YC ah.. 777 ah.
Then walk back
Around 4 something i sleep until next morning 7am leh.
Geng chau eh..
Gtg bye


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally got my lazy ass off to update this blog.
So,here goes..

June 9,2009 , Tuesday
Went to sunway today,woke up at 7 something,bathed..
Packed up and went to Bus Station to wait..
Those ppl,said liao 8.00 then chg to 8.30~
then nvm,i went to Victor house
Meet wif mk,ah lim and victor.
Then later Victor mom fetch us to the bus stop.
We boarded the bus not long later.
Then reached there about ...11 i think..
Me and kwonki go buy donut eat..
Fast fast eat liao then went inside..
Went to see the HangBridge,Skybridge,DiaoChiao whatever u call that..
Victor o,walk until half run back lol.
Then we went to the wet park there.
Change liao,put things in locker then go rent tube.
We play wif all those slide and things .
First i partner wif kwonki then change to MK liao.
The slide damn CHI GEK!
Me and mk like "scream egg"
Then go to the river there.
6 ppl 1 tube
Wat the hell!
Then the tube,terbalik..
MK giap me to the ground..
MAke my hand got Laceration marks liao lo~
Keep play oni,after awhile then we go eat.
I eat the Fly Lice (fried rice) lo...
Then after play until 4 somthing go play dry de.
Then at 5 something we go eat.
I wan bring them go the super-cheap mamak de.
Then we walk walk find dao one shop.
Got ZHU SI GOK FAN rm.3.50 for me lol..
Probably the cheapest in sunway.
Then we go walk around then take bus to Chi Cheong Gai.
Walk abit again,wan find the MJ hat de..
Then take bus home lo..
Home then slp liao lo..

June 11,2009 , Thursday
We go to the school to do mural today.
Go there earlier for BM kelas tambahan de.
Manatau i late 10 minute.
When walk in class straight got AK-47 aim at me liao.
Then shoot until i out of class,then i stand there awhile lo.
Ben lai wan go down murni there de.
Then Zehow come call me liao.
Ben lai wan Dao Qian de.
Then this time Pistol aim and shoot me liao.
I sit way back there,wif Irfan.
Wan apologize also hard.
Then when sitting also kena sniper shoot.
When the class over fast fast retreat la.
Wait for Nuclear bomb meh.
Then went to buy rice.
Eat liao go in do mural.
The mural we do dao..
Damn artistic la wei...
Gt music,then splatter..
Lol then later all clean up.
The scene there damn messy.
Went back home later liao lo..
Then go tuition.
Then back home.
Then slp like a pig zzz

June 13,2009, Saturday
This morning wan teach cicak,tiian them play basketball de.
But i slp late liao.
I go there late 10 minute lol..
But got ppl even more LATE than me..
Dun come better..
Me and kit warm up first lo..
Teach them a,very funny one.
Say very very very little de joke..
Then all HAHAhahahHAHhahaHHahaha liao..
Dunno wad 2 say.
My feeling that time was... =.="
Then they wan rest 5 minute,rest dao me and kit go play football wif leslie them liao.
then KKJ gt comment abt cicak that day lol.
Dunno hw say KJ liao laa.
Then i went back home.
Then go eat.
Then went back home again.
Then i slp lol..
Nothing much later that day..

Ok la,update liao 3 days de..
Next time i post pictures
And update more things.

Thanks hueii,serena and hwee ting for the present.
I will use it much lol
Coz i use mouse too much xD


Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming Soon?

Anyone still remember Coming Soon?
Michelle Lee Jackson?
Angela the mom?
Its alright,we've been inactive for awhile now.
This is a small,very little intro vid for Coming Soon.
Just testing out After effects CS4.
Might be more coming up..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fong Fei Kei

Yesterday went school about 12pm to do mural..
Bought the brunch then oni go in..
When in there pn.sakinah shoot us,say so late oni come lolx
When we arrive then Koh Shian go home liao..
Maybe she behtahan see dao lengzai haha.
Then i go upstairs see got who there lo..
I tot i saw something run out of Zoo Negara..
coz the hair very long, and "PONG" (kj de comment)
Yuan lai is HuiTian lai de lolx xD (jk nia)
Then i call kit go up see..
He first dun believe is her,
She turn around oni he believe lol..
That kkj saw someone o,then keep "za" me o..
Nvm,i sabar..
Then later i za him back  9 9..
Then after awhile they all go back liao..
They must be BEH TAHAN that sei botak " china *** " xD
Half tong of the paint hilang liao after finish paint the background..
Then i came up with the idea of "Music Sheet"
After drafting everything,they went to my home..
They played around with the macbook
And i keep getting the question How this? how that? lol
Then played with the effects in GarageBand.
Made some news cast and some death memorial lol..
Later around 4 something,
We PURPOSELY go eat so later play basketball wif Huitian them gt power
Manatau,She Fong Fei Kei..
KKJ,i wan claim my RM3.50 from u for the drink and the food..
Make me waste money go out eat leh
Mana boleh macam ini de~
Then walk back home lo
Go back play awhile with GarageBand again..
Did something funny this time,really funny
then at nite,chat chat chat,watch movie
Until 2am
Then i was like 
"Oh shit,tomorow nid go Sunway at 8am"
Then i fast go slp lo~
Nothing liao lo



Monday, June 8, 2009


Alright,lets face the truth..
No one likes loud banging music playing
When you're reading a book/blog/blah blah
I've been reading some blog lately,
And every single blog made me turn off my speaker..
It has those songs,Darn it!
Its alright if its relaxing song..
Or those that brings you in the mood for reading..
But there was some friggin' loud songs..
And also the irritating Mr.Bean song ( lol )
Its like..
Playing loud music when you're trying to hear someone talk
.....cant think of anything else
If i wanted to listen to music
I would've gone to Youtube,Imeem, or downloaded it

Downloading music is illegal
Stop piracy! xP

Lets move on, Save me ( and others) from turning down their speaker volume
By removing Loud,Banging,Crazy,Idiotic musics from your blog..

This is a community message brought to you by

/ck (lol at this)

Other stuffs: ~__~ I've realized that there are not many ppl reading my blog..
Or maybe there are many..SILENT READERS
Read,but never comment..
Well,The person that comments on my cbox/post
is almost the same person everytime.
My blog so boring meh?
Signin' off

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pak To wif Kwonki... xD

Jz back from PakTo wif kwonki at Leisure Mall =P..
No , Just kidding..
Watched Terminator Salvation with him..
The movie is great..
Wicked special effects..
But i think that Terminator 3 was better lol.
And the movie poster on top..
Its actually an Optical Illusion lol..
Look carefully,its a birds-eye view of a city..
2 Place with fire makes up the eye..
After watching,went to Kwonki mom's shop
Bought DecaSports,wanted to try out badminton on Wii..
Then when he fetch me back..
On his car..
Someone called him..
They talk.
We talked

Reached home,blogged on my Mac~ 

Loggin' off ~

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boring holidays.. With Homeworks

Today damn boring..Wake up at 1.00
Played with my mac..
Really nothing to do..
Update stuffs,install Photoshop..
Then checked for more E3 2009 stuffs..
Some games on my list:

1. Splinter Cell:Conviction - Definetely gonna get this for PC
2. Assassin's Creed 2 - Great game,great trailer..For PC too
3. inFamous - Demo is great,might get it..Electricity~~~
4. Prototype - Yet to play it yet..but shapeshifting is so tempting.. damn it
5. COD: Modern Warfare 2 - Great trailer,might get it!

Chatted awhile wif kwon ki..
Good luck Kwonki,



Friday, June 5, 2009

Woohoo~! Just got my new macbook.
Now just testing my iSight camera..
Been trying to get video call workin.
But no luck lols..
Gonna move some file over here..
So not gonna blog much..
To be updated
So feast your eyes on these.


Average morning...

Just woke up a few hours ago..
Kwon-ki came to my house..
He saw me play inFamous demo..
Later going basketball..
Maybe kk,ws,zi en come my house..
Nothing to do


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kit,Mk, Wii

Now ah..Kit and MK at my house playing Wii...
They play boxing..
Both of them also vs Kathryn Kathrin..
Guess the result..
Then Kit behsong go play Bowling..
MK feel very hot then become Jolin..

Before this-
Went to tuition..
Pasar Malam

Lols,thats it~
sommore serena introduce to us..

Serena de Nai + QiQi de Cha = QiQiNaiCha~
Be sure to look out at Pasar malam o..


AGM Dance?

I'm involved with the AGM performance..
Its about doing what i wanna do all along..
Yes..I like to move to the rhythm of the music...
I wanna do my best for this performance..
Since i'm involved in only 2 things..
Rather than the 3rd others are involved in..

"If i wanna do something,lets do the best..
Or else,dont do it"

Just something i wanna say..
Those involved...lets do our best..
So many politics things involved here...
Just take it for another 2 weeks...
Hope that this will stop..
After being cadet..
Try not to think
Too much..
Just my


If you dont like what i write,you can choose not to read it

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Movie Reviews

Watched Monsters vs Alien on my birthday with Kit and Mk..
Then i was one of the very first to watch 17 Again..
Heres my story..
31st May 2009

Went to Leisure mall at about 5 to watch Monsters Vs Alien..
Bought the ticket..we still had 1 hour before the film starts.
So we go see around and then go Baskin Robbins..
Dear dear kit buy Ice Cream for me o RM18,one TONG lol..
Very touched sia de... >.<
Then we went Wong Kok..
Mk and Kit eat spaghetti..
I eat Cheese Baked Rice..
Then we saw on the menu..If gt birthday ppl,bring more than 6 ppl ..
Then free One Tong of milk tea..
Eat baskin robbins ice cream at there also xD..
Then went to see the movie..
Quite good the movie..Very funny and also good storyline..
One of my favourite character was that bad guy..
He was so funny..He tried to tell ppl about his story..
And always got cut off..lols..
Anyways,end of movie..Went to walk around..
Saw miyoko..
Suddenly o..Kit 180 degree spin o..
777 liao him..
Then gt one ppl keep play phone de..
Very childish..
Then MK and Miyoko exchg phones..
Go back at around 9..
Tired... Slp..

3rd June 2009..

Supposed to hand ze how his folio today..
Overslept and he called me..
Then ate and rushed to school..
Handed him his folio..Keng Gai wif Kathryn,Esther and Kh..
Keng keng keng keng...All at there blow water lo..
Then talk about seperate hand lo.. xD
Then walk home lo..
KH de shoe broke down lol..
Then o she walk like Robot..
Headed home..Nothing to do surf web..
Played PS3..
Found inFamous Demo!!!!!!!
I quickly downloaded it...
And then played a few round of Fifa 09..
Actually the game also quite fun one
Then want to go yam cha wif mk de..
manatau he play aeroplane...
Then wait until go tuition lo...
At tuition ah..GENG LO..
Sej teacher absent..
So all also maths/science..
Wan slp liao lo..
Almost 6 something then serena come into class..
WA she say she went to suntex o..
Kwon ki house near there one..
Sommore when she come in ah..
She very sweaty lol...
Must got happen something one..
Nvm dun "duk bao" kwonki here..
Kwonki i meet u at school and talk ah 777!
Then after tuition i straight go watch the Preview/Premiere of 17 Again..
The movie is great!
Hard to describe..
Just go watch it!


Thoughts of myself:
This is the part where i literally talk to myself..You can ingnore this if you want...
Do not comment about this if you read it
I am mad about not getting chosen as the leader to receive cadet badge..
Am i not good enough? What the fuck man..
I m better than at least 3 of them..
Especially that fucking fat ass indian asshole..
Fuck man..Why not choose me?
My foot drill sucks? Eat shit man..
Dont give me those fucking excuses..
If you know who i am talking about then keep it to yourself...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Its the New Moon~

Just watched the trailer..
Jacob damn cool weh..
change into wolf..
looking forward to this..

U say la..Nice anot??
Gonna watch this when it come out..