Sunday, March 28, 2010


Finally,after like about 100 years not updating ><
paiseh ar... busy ma xD
Finally have the time to blog ..
Well.. it seems like a big big big big burden has been lift off my shoulder ..fuh...
Compsquad is over...and so is Coming Soon drama..
yeah,we got 2nd in the Drama~
My hair is finally free to grow back.

Went to KL yesterday with Kwonki,Kj,Kit and Dr.Alex ~
Went to Pavillion to see "Yut Gong Bou Hap"..
The movie hw??
Very fei speaking our 'language' de
but hor,watch movie in Pavillion..really gt a "different" feel.
The seat is so comfortable lar..
Then later went Sg.Wang , bought a new cap~ woohoo..
I finally have a white cap ><
Went to "Wai Sek Gai" to eat..
The chee cheong fun there..really "oishii"
delicious dao...
Reached home at about 9.00 like tat lor..
But still gt do awhile "Earth Hour" in my hse ~ lol "bangganya'~

Sommore what to blog about?
too much to blog about.. and i forgot some ><
Oh yeah,SuperShow 2 ..
The concert was AWESOME
it was like so gooooooood!
Kyuhyun's voice ~ walao damn nice~

Also i went pesta buku antarabangsa..
Because of that... i didnt get to take class picture T__T
so sad~ 2 straight years din take dy..
*sad music*
bought some books there..
and walked... ALOT
tis year pesta buku,so mafan la..nid to walk 1 big round =_=
Then later went back to school about 3.30 like tat

Thats it for this post...i continue enjoy my coffee at Austin Chase first
haha ><


Monday, March 8, 2010

first exam in form 4

Im now experiencing my first exam in Form4 ~__~
Was just finished reading Biology..
Then the right song came up on my itunes and had a "GAN JUE" or feeling to make new skin.
Yeah,the blog now has new skin~~~
Plss give some comments on it ><
My skill berkarat liao~ T__T