Friday, September 25, 2009

Internet Songbirds

Been too bored this few days and found some great singers on the net
Unsigned singers.

Check this guy out,Sam Tsui

And another few dont know what name,but they sings Secondhand Serenade =)
Thats it for today,see you all later


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raya sien-ness

Change back to english blogging haha

Yes,its so blardy sien during the raya holidays.
Nothing to do at home.
Want go see movie,but someone go "on air"
Then see with kwonki (wtf this is like the 4th time X_X )
Anyone have any idea what for me to do?
Study? OMG,i should since pmr is like 13 days away? am i right?
ARhhhh~! How i wish there was a camp now to escape from the reality
Ah shiat,later got tuition again.
I dont know what more to lengthen this post.
Oh yea,i watched "Tsunami at Hauendae"
kinda touching,not bad.
Also kinda funny .


Monday, September 21, 2009

缘分 7 7 7


某某人”,和“毛毛人”……“刚巧” ……去了云顶,不知道他们俩在做什么呢?

请某某人教sejarah ?








Friday, September 18, 2009

Where does all the food comes from?

We eat spagetthi,pizza,mcdonalds
But where do they come from?
They come from...




I'm lazy,very lazy.
Yesterday,went to kajang to meet with Mdm.Chen
Yes,we qualified to perform during the Annual Dinner.
I thought we werent gonna make it >.<
KKJ them said want go there oni eat.
So me ,kit,victor eat liao oni go there.
Manatau,we eat finish,walk to bus stop.They baru naik bus!
Then our bus overtake their bus.
At first,not sure is them,but after that sure liao.
Haha,then went up to the Area office.
Tat wanshin "wut" liao Pizza hut,really geng leh!
JieYian,KKJ and wanshin go buy.
We wait there lo,and see our performance de video.
And see gt what have to change.
Actually, our almost everything change >.<
After they came back from buying pizza,jie yian's bag left at Pizza Hut,LOL
Then we disscussed alot lo.
But ask dao we got Performer's Table anot.
I tot got,bt madam said dun have =.=
Gt tapao rice for us to eat oni,wtf~!!!!
After discussed a new concept.
When wanna leave alredy,some indian guy was telling us to do smth.
No idea wad he was saying..
After all the hassle,finally went down.
went to mcdonalds to eat.
After mcdonalds,plan to go bowling.
But dunno why dunwan go liao.
Then take taxi home lo.
The success of the performance is kinda bitter-sweet.
Because our schedule is too full!

Oct 7-13 PMR
Oct 24 - Performance
Oct 31 - InnerComp

But still,have to try the best to do it.
Hope that we can do our best in the 10 days time after PMR to prepare =.=


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Foggy thursday.

My mind was kinda blur blur today.
Dont know,maybe for the first time i'm taking my own stand.
Well,it felt great.
iProcrastinate,thats a fact.
Today school was utterly boring..
No teachers came in except for Pn.Chng,she always do..
Rushed back to class after recess..cos its her period!
I dont know why,but i'm starting to get sleepy during her class...
after school met up with Ht..walked down those stairs and headed outside to eat.
Had prawn mee,this new stall at the kopitiam is damn nice.
Coupled with the usual "leong sui",oni RM3.yeah~
After school went to pss.
Punched ALOT of my BM latihan.
Then went to bilik akses awhile.
And did maths.
Jie yian wanted to find somebody,so folllowed him.
Then went back pss.
Inside bilik akses,found out somebody(not just 1) looks at ppls blogs there =.=
Said that i should write more "lovey-dovey" stuff.
How to? Cant write if i dont have the experience right?
Chatted wif grace,ps,jieyian in pss.
talked abt "lovey dovey" stuff =.=
then pn. sakinah said Puasa,PSS closed at 3.30, wtf right?
Walked out with them to see jie yian's friend.
Then walked with ps,jy out from school.
Waited with them while waiting for my mom.
Still chatted alot.
Well,thats it for the day.
Until next time,


LoL invites!

Who wants? Bwahahahaha!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chess-ing or Study-ing?

Stayed back with kwonki yesterday.
The reason was to study.
But we ended up playing chess there haha.
1 win 1 lose,my chess drop liao quality = =
Then chat awhile.
But still gt study dao little science.
Time to start study i think.
My science quality also dropping already.
Pn.Sakinah said 4pm already close PSS.
No idea why,so just go home lo..
Called my mom,but oni come at 5pm
Kwonki behtahan walk home liao = =
Then chat wif JieYian lo.
Chat until 4.30 i also behtahan walk home.
Reached home about 5.00
Lazy go tuition leh,play 1 round of LoL then 6.00 go lo
Today i saw serena type msg,damn fast weh.
Can be wakil SMK perimbun liao.
After that go Pasar Malam lo.
Met up with KH.
Gt ppl wreck me and kk's Strategy. ==
Zadou,then i go eat Char Kuay Teow.
Then saw PentiumWong
Buy bubble tea,then go PoonKee eat "Peanut Wu"
Walked home wif KH after that.
Rdy to play game liao.
PentiumWong play aeroplane,next time dun call him liao =.=
After game,i play another round of LoL.
Play until like 1.00
then go slp muahaha.
Today no nid go school ~__~