Monday, January 11, 2010


This year looks to be hectic ...
i have totally no idea how to juggle studies,training and other stuffs
Today was the 1st time we did training.
Can say its ok only.
After training was damn tired.
Slept right after reaching home (after bath la)
Woke up around 10:30 to do homework..
No tuition today.
I think tomorow's gonna be tougher..
No idea how to keep up with this.. ><
Lets hope for the best !

Friday, January 1, 2010

15 things i did when i was 15 (New Year Special)

1. I did not bring my homework to school and was punished by Pn.Chng ==

Not really something i did,but a "special" way to start off year 2009..
With a special punishment from Pn.Chng .. ><
Never really did anything wrong after that..
Scare liao ma ! lol

2. Got myself a Macbook!

Diving into the "Apple Trend" ..
My macbook is my pride and joy!
I only got through the holidays with help from the macbook..
(of course wif frens also lar)

3. Joined St.John

I joined St. John this year.
And i luckily passed the cadet exam..
Looks to be a promising year.

4. Did a Motion Graphics "showcase" for Perimbun AGM 2009

My first time showing my work to public.
Luckily i got some good response..
Kwonki was hired to be the (free) voiceover
And staying over at ZiEn house to do it.

5. First time being a "mascot"

I dont know how i stumbled to be a mascot.
Also at the St John Sports Day..
Really had some fun there.
I also learned that being a mascot..
Sweat so much weh..
We also went ZiEn house overnight to do it.

6.I actually seriously "kawad-ed"

I was in the PSS kawad team for the Hari Sukan..
i think can count as first time gua...
Then later in the year i joined the InnerComp squad.
When first kawad is kinda fun
Then fun became boredom lol..
Thinking of ways to go home
coz of the scorching heat from the sun..arh!!!

7. I do Mural ah!

Believe anot??
CCK do mural ==
But its real..
And i actually erm.. "Volunteered??"
Duno how choose dao..
But i gt do! lol
After we finish one.. then do another one
Too good liao~ mao bian!

8.I fly kite

LOL! Yeah~ dun have pic of my fly de kite lar
fly too high liao cnt see.
But got a pic of baru wan fly de kite
but fly bu dao~ haiz~
Actually went to DC DM de shop to eat then oni go fly lol

9.I went ice-skating.. and teach ppl to skate

U din see wrong..
i teach ppl skate ==
Lucky oni 1 of them fall lol..
Because tat one is unbalance overweight will gt a little problem

10. I became bestseller ... selling sticker..

Sold 100 pieces of Hari Bendera sticker ~__~
but still hven get my prize ley~
lol~ duno anyone still remember that anot..

11. I became a MC!

Helped miyoko on something called the
Music Together 2009..
First time be MC..
But can also count as very successfull.
When MCing also can za ppl lol~!

12. I wrote a blog post in chinese

Kit kit~ The post specially dedicated to you one o..
Very GAM DONG isit?
Still remember the post?

13. Visited KL Tower,Royal Selangor Pewter

I woke up that day,forgetting it was the day we're supposed to go there!
lol ==
but still made it ...
Had lots of fun there!
Discovered new things.
And also chat wif frens hehe

14. i took picture with quite a few stars lol

15. I went to Sunway Lagoon

How count as special?
Cause tis time is not "Dance Girl" haha
Went with girls to Sunway
Had loads and loads of fun!

Thats it for my not-so-special , special post!
as a bonus...
i dont know whether i got addicted to k-pop counts lol!
SNSD Fighting!!

Thats the 15 things i did when i was 15.
Whats yours?