Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese new year 2010!

Whew~ back after so long hehe..
so... how was your CNY?
I had alot of fun..although the first few days was boring~
4k went to KKJ house for overnight..2 nights! lol
Walaoeh~ the whole house so big lar! pundet...
the Ruang tamu also bigger than my house liao =_=
Play roller at thr,and also helicopter~
i know why kkj so powerful in flying aeroplane helicopter liao..everyday practice ma! lol
Talk alot at thr o... and drink alot of beer also..
KKJ,thank you for you Ice Wine lol xD

After overnight at kkj house...
we overnight at Elvy's house~
and also gt.. Lim,Xy and Serena..
Walaoeh~ geng orh? CNY go ppl hse overnight lol
at LV house also drink alot beer...and sleep with Elvy~
Eh jangan salah faham lar... sleep in her room oni!
Sommore gt 6 ppl arh.. haha
Walaoeh..sleep beside gt alot lemak cute de ppl also will cold de zz

Also hor, that day me , kwonki , kathryn and yc go see *72 Tenants of Prosperity*
Wao the movie damn funny ar~
anyways..we sit Couple Seat...
I of course sit with....
Kwonki lar.. haha ~__~

Then later went party at ChunYen house...
The party OK OK lar..
after go party,lv,kwonki go my house
coz got alot ppl thr liao...
wow..they drink drink xia all ZUI ZUI DEI liao zzz...
Then i go victor hse overnight ..coz all zui liao.. lol

See victor at my house..damn shuang lo that face ==
Who is the one beside him?..

this lor~

Sunday back home straight sleep arh...damn tired..
then Monday back sch liao...
gt somone orh.. din come school o..
the excuse is BAI TIAN GONG =_=
ppl bai u also bai,why ppl gt come u cannot come o_O
so lazy,no wonder gt babyLipid la
haha xD
thats about my CNY lor...
Tell me yours!
Until next time arh..
now training for state comp ...
wish me luck!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Compsquad part 2

Aiyo~ dont ask me why nid a part 2 ==
coz got some ppl said wor,i write NC 1 ppl 1 ,they also want.. ==
Fei cai hor?
lol nvm lar...
write again ar~
Nw i will thank 1 by 1 lor..

Esther : Thanks for always support me o~
Eunice : For helping us take care of stuffs
Kathryn : Teaching me stuffs???
Kuanhuei : Correcting small details!
Liwen: For doing those forms!
Tommy : Without you,our kawad will be like recruits ~ haha
Kwonki : Without you, my long case will be empty.and kawad too!
KKJ : Mr.Jesus .
Sally : For teaching us stuffs !
KaiDi : For making those splints
Tecklee : Helping in training

I think thats it right?
Sorry if your thanks is too short,theres just too much stuff to remember ><
If i forget to thank anyone,just let me know =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

200th post - Compsquad

My 200th post in this old blog T__T
Took me so long huh?
This post is kind of special also

Yeah,i was in the Perimbun AC Compsquad team for 2010
We won 2 gold medal , and 1 silver medal
Also another gold for Johan Keseluruhan~
Yeay! gratz to myself (lol ~__~)
The training was really hectic and also my homeworks~
OMG!!! i think i missed some homeworks during training T_T
Well,before the competition we went "Homestay" at Elvy's house for 5days4nights?
crazy rite?
Anyways just wanna mention special thanks to ppls that have helped me on the way..
Lets begin..

How about my comrades first?

Thanks to my AC team for helping me get 3gold1silver...although din get 4 T_T

Thanks to the NC team! you girls are the best! for supporting us till the end! *muacks*

BeiJiXiong: For being the noisy one ,and keeping us entertained..haha
Elvy: For letting us homestay,and helping me with my UP! lol
Grace: For being a great teammate and friend
Xueying: For sleeping next to me! i noe im noisy ><
Hweeting: For being the trustable one!

Next... the trainers and those that helped us alot!
Without you guys and girls,we wouldnt have won!

Munkit: For the bandaging,first aid and others! Open fracture ~~~

Tommy,Kwonki,Kkj: For training us,i know we are difficult ><
AhPon: For being our "mother" lol,and keeping our stuff while training

Kath,Wanxin,Esther,Kuanhuei: For helping with the details,and being there!
Miyoko: For coming back from so far~ lol
Dc,Dm,ZiEn: For training us...
Jeva: For unleashing us lol
Sally,KaiDi,Tecklee: For helping us in training and making splints !

and then,those that borrowed their uniform!
Thanks,without the uniform,we cant compete!

Lastly, to the madam!
Mdm.Jeanly: For training us and teaching us alot of things..and being patient with us!

also,the supporters!
Thanks for supporting us! with your support we were able to perform better!

If i left out any of you,just let me know..i'll edit it haha..
Too many ppl to thanks..sometimes will forgot,sorry if i didnt mention you ><
And some haven add pics coz im gonna sleep ady~
nite lo~ hehe..