Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday went for Wesak Duty at Mahkota..
What can i say?
Erm its a small-scale event..
so there's lesser people..
I've gotten used to the large crowds at brickfields every year..
So this was boring for me @_@
Well , basically they rounded the Mahkota shoplots area..
Was there from 6 to around 10?
Nothing special happened..
Just chatted all the way lol =X

Well,im going off to Brickfields later..
Meet me there! =P
wanted to go Show Luo's something jz now..
but didnt go =(

Hope to take some great pics tonight!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday morning

Beautiful sunrise in the morning
from my home

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Camps or no camps!

Oh shit i have camps to choose from!!!

ARP Camp - 5th to 8th June
CFC Camp (faci) - 5th to 7th June
Area Camp - duno date

Schools so boring lar wei..
Everyone busy selling cake,muffin,lollipop and sweets =.=
I have nothing to do! absolutely nothing.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Shelf cleaning

Was doing some cleaning just now and guess what i found!
Damn classic weh..

Our old PMR papers! haha xP
cant believe i still have them @_@
paiseh didnt rotate it >< just rotate your head to view it lar~ haha =x

Went to  The Curve / Ikea yesterday

And then the week before that..
went to see >Ice Kacang Puppy Love<
with Yeeching,Kuanhuei and Kathryn , also.. Zi En that is out of NS for that week~~
The movie is quite good! and funny .
Recommended to watch!

Some pictures~~
Chiing,me,kuan huei<>Chiing , me
Chiing , me<> Group picture
Chiing,me<> me,kath
me , queenzy

Also, i found alot of small books
although i oni bought one =_=
Who wan claim from me? lol

Sunday, May 2, 2010

boredom =_=

This few days..really bored man!
wanted to go Times Square on Sat. to ask about tshirt
but then nobody going .. so =_=

Went to KLCC instead..
Woo~ TOPMAN is having 50% discount!
Bought a jeans~ Skinny twister i think O_o
Crumpler bags still no stock T_T

Just back from late night yamcha @_@
Victor duno go which planet liao , cant call him z

Add another SNSD fan!
lol Kallvenn ~~
psst.. he likes Seohyun~ maknae!
This is for yoU!~

Guess which one is her! haha =P