Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ck was @ Music Together 2009

Miyoko asked us to help for this performance.
Turns out it was gonna be one of the "Firsts" of my life
It all started when i jokingly said i wanted to be the emcee.
Then in the end,i am the emcee.
I was like OmgWtf?
I have had my own time on the limelight.
But i never thought of myself being an emcee.
Before i went to sleep,hundreds of thoughts were racing in my mind.
Thinking what would i do if i "kantoi"
Then it was the big day (There was only 1 day to prepare)
Arrived a tad late due to traffic jam.
Then went in , helped to move the instruments
And trying to remove my thoughts as being an emcee.
Then suddenly,someone called. "Where is the emcee?"
I walked out,and he said "Time to rehearse"
I didnt know what reaction should i give.
I just jumped on my mic and started talking.
After the rehearsal,
Not even 5 minutes break,was the real thing.
Ok,I pulled myself together then spoke up.
Unbelieveable,ppl were giving me reaction.
Then,it was Miyoko's turn on the stage.
She was sitting just beside the emcee spot lol.
That day she seemed taller.
and i didnt realized until i saw this when i was sitting down:
No wonder so tall,high heels haha..
Then moving to the end of the performance.
The Appreciation Prize giving was unscripted,
I did not think about it
I totally forgot about that part.
But then, i still could spontaneously say it out.
After everything was over,i breathed a sigh of relief.
My first time being an emcee is over.
Later,when cleaning up the area.
I was shocked when Miyoko's father said
"Wa,very good ah. First time ah? Got train before?"
Unexpected reaction.I was stunned for 3 second.
After everything was gladly over.
Me,Kit,Elvy,Kwonki went to "Enquiry Chicken" to eat.
Elvy giv new name to the restaurant lol.
Enquiry Chicken

The waiter there giv us special menu lol.
Cheap de meals.
I ordered "Ma Po Tofu" with Rice and Ice Lemon Tea
Then talk/eat/talk/eat/drink
Until balik kampung lo.
But before balik
We saw a的男人
Very "Bei Ai"
He must have taken too big de "Shock"
From the "Krisis Ekonomi"
You all know?
Neh,that time ah, Harga Saham all drop one
Krisis ekonomi lo.
Now noe liao?

Thats it for the Music together lo


I couldnt take more pictures,
Actually gt alot of lenglui also be helper one
But too dark.
Oni gt 1 wif elvy de
Gt 1 take wif wanxin (too dark lo,cant see)
Mao Bian de lo.
无缘 , SKY dun let us take.HOW?
Next time ba

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Schooling Craze

Walaoeh,these few days the school damn sienz.
Today went to bilik kaunseling to "discuss" about drama stuffs.
Yes,Coming Soon is back.
I think we still need a good crew.
Anyone wanna volunteer? haha
Juz kidding.
I sense trouble and disagreement between the members.
Even in the early part of discussion.
Got some behsong some liao.
No names will be mentioned.
Geog teacher never came to class again.This is like the 129th time (xD).
Tomorow is Program Jadi,very nervous now.
I just hope that my BM teacher will not be there.
Today , St. John's perjumpaan,play Kawad Bunga.
My team, CB Team.
The leader is Lee Kwon-Ki
We decided to imitate Michael Jackson's Style.
Today was fun.
Wanted to add in some more moves but not enough time.
The winner is both. lol
Nothing much after that.
Really boring now.
And i just got myself some MJ concert dvds.
I just viewed someone's blog just now.
And i got to know more about the writer.
So many things about the other gender that i or more appropriately,this gender dosent know.
And the writer's thought about a person.
Its almost same like me haha.
And about the "mural" . I had the same thinking.
We're on the same boat xD
Dont know what else to write
So i'll just end it here.


[LiveBlogging] Michael Jackson's Memorial

Watching the memorial via CNN / 8TV and CNN Live (Net)
(8/7,Wednesday 10.15pm , repeat for this programme)
Michael Jackson 1958-2009

1.13am - MJ's Memorial started (Nelson Mandella speech)

1.30am - No update still. Some problem with CNN Live audio.
- People in Staple Center are still waiting,(CNN)
- Hundreds and thousands of ppl on CNN Live
- 6000 messages per minute on CNN Live (wtf?)

1.33am - CNN , Casket outside Staples Center.

1.34am - Choir performing inside Staples Center ( no audio on CNN LIVE)
- Casket being carried into staples center.

1.37am - Pastor Lucious Smith (if im not wrong) give some speech.
(8TV streams faster than CNN O_O)

"As long as we remember him,he will be there forever"

1.40am - Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz sings "I'll Be There" - old Jackson 5 song

1.45am - Queen Latifah giving her speech

"Passion , Passion , Passion"

1.50am - Lionel Richie performing " Jesus is Love".

1.54am - Berry Gordy (Motown Founder) gives a speech.
(Remember Michael's first moonwalk? during Motown 25th anniversary)
"He raised the bar,and then broke the bar"

2.03am - They're playing Michael's past videos on the screen.
Also playing " You're not alone "

2.08am - Stevie Wonder sings a song he wrote for Michael,performed.

2.14 - WTF,8TV went into advertisement =.=|||
Have to rely on CNN LIVE now
Thats not so "Live"

2.16 - Kobe Bryant gives his speech with Magic Johnson (8TV still on ads)

"He was already there,and he opened all those doors for us,for African Americans"

2.21am - Jennifer Hudson sings "Will You Be There"

2.25am - Al Sharpton on the stage.

"It was Michael Jackson,that made me sing "We Are The World" . To feed the hungry..."
"What was strange was not him,what was strange was what he had to deal with"

2.33am - John Mayer on the guitar!

2.40am - Brooke Shields on the mic.
"Smile thought your hearts are aching"

2.50am - Jermaine Jackson (MJ's brother) singing "Smile"
(Couldnt get any pictures,too much ppl watching on CNN live,dc'ed)

2.54am - Martin Luther King's childrens on the speech.

3.03 - Starting to get a little sleepy.

I think i'll end this here.I have school in 4 hours.
Better get some sleep. ~__~


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wooden iPod : Nothing gets greener than this.

Found this cool iPod while surfing the net.
It was modded by Josh Darrah.
Great work!
One of the most creative iPods i've seen.
Oh and he did not use any glue,only screws
Brass plates were used to seal off the ends.
He even made his own Wooden iPod dock.
You can view the full gallery here

Monday, July 6, 2009

RIP Michael Joseph Jackson

I know that Michael died awhile before i posted this,
But i still wanted to wish him on his way to the other world.
Rest In Peace.
Your name will forever be remembered,
King Of Pop,Michael Jackson.
Our idol.

I wanted to share something i learned in school with all readers.
6.2 : Kebebasan Bersuara
Kebebasan berucap dan mengeluarkan fikiran dengan
batasan tertentu bagi menjaga keselamatan dan ketenteraman.

That was it.It has something to do on what i am about to post.
If you get my

[start of bullpoop]

Today,monday.Official assembly.
All of the students,witnessed the humiliation of Michael Jackson.
Even after he died still want to do this.
Poor moonwalking
and the Neverland theme park.
is changed to the name of a Zombie thingy.
SMK Perimbun. Wash your eyes with dettol ( lol )
And that cowboy hat, *vomits*
Leave Michael alone!
Let him have a peace going away

[end of bullpoop]

Later in class,today damn sien
Maths,keep learn about tan,cos,sin...not understand also
BM,this one cannot sleep one zz
Seni,do tenunan.
I made something like the crossover of Harp and Guitar lol.
Then Moral.
Umm..Nothing much after that
Ate,went back
Ooh,forgot something.
The script for drama was finally finished today.
Just need some touching up.
Its gonna be a fun one.
I went back,then later i received RM3 on my phone.
Haha thanks thanks xD
Then watch "Watchmen" watch half oni,no time ~__~
Gotta say that it was quite un-understandable (is that a word?) in the start.

Some highlights in the BM class:
Teacher said that she dislike MJ.
She say he looked like a ghost.
and that for beauty ,he bleached his skin.
And he got cancer after that
Then comes the lecture about how we should not break the rules of nature
like bleaching skin.
Me and TM wan to tell teacher that he bleached his skin because of cancer
But not dare.
So TM say the conclusion:
Teacher din read newspaper


Friday, July 3, 2009

Long long time

Here comes the pictures!
Me And Esther

Me and BOB ,Monsters Vs Aliens!
Kwonki is SEXY!

Our Mural,and the messes we made

KKJ looks like in prison

Free AisKacang specially from Queenzy lols

Sally getting excited
Who is this? Someone will keep will this pic lol XD XD

My boss!

Serena make for kwonki de AisKacang!

Me and wanshin!

Fu¥oh~ Siapa ini minum TIGER?

who is this lenglui beside me?
its layvern xD

We come in Peace~

Yum Yum~ Agedashi Tofu

This pic gt Feel leh
My brother from another mother lol
Me And Kathryn , Iceskating!

oh,and a special one:


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Screenshots and rants

I never knew they practiced Wing Chun
Dont mess with Sally,Pauline or TeckLee
Later break neck


"Bu Yao Gen Ni Hao"

I heard this word many times lately.
Often resulting in me taking a step back
and selling stickers
Is this the new trend lately
I'm gonna stop talking as much
If not hear again.
Will have to take another step back
And do another thing


Kem Intekanasai 2009

Day 1 // 27th June
Went to school early in the morning.About 6.30
WanShin sent everyone a msg to go at 6.15
I saw the msg when i woke up at 6.00
And continued to sleep again
When arrive there.
Alot of ppl is already there.
Probably because of the msg.
All of us chatted awhile.
Then went to register.
Lets skip this.
Then time to go on the bus.
We were on Bus C
The St.John's sat at the back.
I was sitting wif kwonki.
We kept making noise
or,in a better word. HAVING FUN
All of us were doing sorakan/tepukan.
Then halfway there,going up the mountain.
The bus STOPPED.
Something wrong with the gearbox.
Then finally they send another bus to take us to campsite.
Arrive there oni then let the ppl scold.
Then we move to our sleeping place.
Walaoeh.More kanasai than last year.
Last year de,no fan until 3AM.
The electric gt problem.
But this one.
In a Tent summore.With cement floor.
Fast fast choose a place to put bag then go to the hall eat.
After eat then we go prepare ourself for splitting group
The group i was in,no ppl i noe leh.
So i curi curi masuk the group beside mine.
Finally,ended up grouping with
And also Shirine,she also curi in one lol.
Then we went to Flying Fox.
Fly until half then rain liao.
Then the rope break
dunno which pokai go stuck the rope at the wood there.
Then the jurulatih ah.
Like spiderman likethat.
He take 1 rope then fly down liao.
No harness de.
When flying he shout like Shout Chun lol
Then me,kj,kit,moksiong,zi en scream something.
Kwonki din scream,suk chun lo him lol.
Then after we went down there.
All take cover.
Tat kj wan to go push the jurulatih.
But let the jurulatih see liao.He kena take cover
We all leh then...wait wad o?
Go step water at him la!
Then when he wake up,like zombie likethat.
We go obstacle course,
Walao..The obstacle not obstacle lai de.
Easy oni la!
Except the last one.
Gt one obstacle,we cross the ShitRiver (because all the things in toilet also flow into this "river")
Hold cable de.
ZiEn cross we never kacau
But after he cross , we push him down
Then the last obstacle
Cross the MudShitHole(The mud mixed with shit)
Ppl in this camp like to play with shit lol.
Got one wood to walk across
Then gt ppl will kacau u de.
If drop,down there is Mud+Shit
Cow Shit i think.
Then i first to cross
Fuyoh! Safe cross no mud on me.
Then i went down to throw mud at ppl.
KKJ,Moksiong kena thrown into the mud
After that we go FlyingFox see.
Kwonki,Kathryn they all havent come down =.="
They wan sleep there i think
Then we go mandi liao.
Eat time.Then later gt "Motivational" Talk
To motivate u to sleep.
I see most of the ppl sleeping.
Then the activity i was waiting for..
Night Walk
I had high hopes on this activity
I thought tat the whole camp,this will be the most fun one.
But it dissappointed me. T__T
Hold hands walk through the forest
My Infront/Behind keep change zz.
First behind is miyoko,infront is shirine.
Then victor wan change
Then behind is Shirine infront is Kathryn.
Then victor change with Shirine
Then he behind me lo.
Kathryn like very scared,when passby scary place she suddenly grip very hard.
Victor i hear him keep say " Om Ma Ni Bem Beh Hom"
Then in one part of the forest
Everyone sit down
See "Movie"..or hear.
The jurulatih,"Hen Xiang Shi Jiang O"
Make alot of ppl 555
This motivational talk again.
Then walked until one part.
Where everyone has to walk ALONE back to camp.
I was thinking there was gonna be something to scare ppl
But nothing.
Only sleeping teachers sitting on the roadside.
Miyoko was walking behind me.
Then when she caught up with me.
SEVA appeared zzz
Then keep walk lo.
Sien dao.
Finally returned to camp.
Then we sleep there
Kwonki is our pillow lol.
Then let one makan durian guy play.
Almost 4 oni sleep
Then 6 have to wake up liao.
Dunno how to say the sleeping time
Worst sleeping time camp ever

Day 2//28 June
Woke up,then haven change shirt
Straight go morning exercise liao.
Then dance poco-poco and chicken dance.
After dance,we all go eat.
After eat,all prepare to cross river for survival cooking.
Walk walk walk,cross river time
We be anchor.
Awhile oni la.
Got ppl almost float away lol.
And alot small small de float away liao.
After crossing then we cook.
Cook liao de things also nv eat dao de =.="
Then walk back.
All fast fast bath then change to Half-U.
Took everything and went to the eating hall.
Eat lo
Then after eat got the prize giving stuff.
I slept through half of it =.=
Then after everything.
Went to the bus.
All got splitted up weh.
No fun lo
Then all slp until reach the school.
Reached liao then go home.
I straight sleep until next morning 12pm
Thats it for this camp

The only acceptable thing for RM45 is the food
Sleep place sucks
Jurulatih most of them sucks
Activity sucks (if you've tried the better ones)(nightwalk sucks too)
Sleep time sucks
Taking cover sucks ( xD )
Not worth it for RM45
Never go here anymore!