Friday, June 27, 2008

Basketball comepetition

Our pengerusi, Chuk Victor said that he will organize a 5 on 5 competition in September. Is that true? Mr. Chuk also said loudly and clearly that he will bear ALL responsibility of the competition. Lets see how that turns up...

Yesterday at school... The first few periods have no teacher...WTF?
They all went to some kind of meeting.So played Truth or Dare with Mei Foong,Nicky(is a guy), Yee Mun , Seah , Danial Haziq.. with a little twist
ONLY DARE .... i got a few dare but juz small matter!
Haiz... Then i kena them back. All of them that kena dare stand on the chair and sang the Barney song..
I love you
You love me
We are happy family
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Dont you say you love me too

Something like that.. and the whole class was looking XD haha
Lets skip the boring part and jump to recess..
Puisze,Kejun and seah wanted to see Ka chuen's wife which is Yew Kei (Mok).
So i bring them go see lor..then waited for awhile outside their class..When i say that one is her..All go run and see.. Ei..You all want to see also dont so Obvious la!
Then go eat...that najmi tell me something at the terowong there..
He got konkek Umaga b4..
And got 1 girl 1 boy.. wat name?
Girl is Una a/p Jimmy
Boy is Numa a/l Jimmy
Wakaka...=X That karen also no hope already... Lose to that Umaga..(Hope she dont read this..)
When balik class...kena torture my karen and elvy *ahem*lou mou*ahem*....
at corridor there kena torture somemore by the 3 girl tat want to see Ka Chuen's wife la..
Block the way...When enter class also the PS sepak me..Ei ur husband outside there see already la...After i say that she Behsong go and use duster whack my back..Damn dirty
Then study.....until time to go home...mus wait that Gun Hei to take things to donno who...Haiz
Jz now dont want to take...when we come out only you take...
Then walk walk back home lor.. and that Arren now heng Jie Di Lian with Gun hei...
Thats it lor...
So long la this post..
Thanx 4 reading ya!


PS: Ka Chuen's son name is Tey Yew Jun , daughter is Tey Jia Qi

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Blues~

Monday again...
Didnt go training today cause i was too tired already!
Later got to go school sommore haiz.
My result sucks...
I got 4th place in the 3on3 competition.
The organizers really did alot for the competition.(thx to kit,gtlee,waiteng,xueying)
And not to forget.Thanks to the person that did alot little actions against the competition.
Thats his only entertainment now..Dont know whether to laugh at him or pity him.HAIZ
Bough a new Razer Deathadder mouse and Razer Goliathus Mousepad. Also bought an

Antec 900 casing.Damn coool la!
Some pictures to cheer you all up!
Funny comics...

Getting bored with viwawa these days...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life Coverage..

Heres some coverage on my life lately...

Went to tugas today at school..then i went to perjumpaan 4 basketball and pss then went 4 rehat and eat Economy Rice...juz like every week. Then went to tugas again till school time.Study,play,talk and study again.. then recess!!! after that is time to study again..then at DEAR time.. Drop Everything And Read.We didnt read and played killer...

Today...went to play basketball in the morning and then sprained my leg...argh! tomorow gt competition somemore...
Haiz...Play killer at school again!!! Too bored...

No mood to blog....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hapi Hapi Day!

Today was filled with activities!
First up! I did an experiment...
and then..I cooked my own spaghetti at school!
It was a little troublesome boiling the water and then it was all easy..
Got a little late for I/R period cuz was eating the spaghetti!..
Then joined Kai Di,Li Wen,Serena,Wai Ling and Pui Sze to play some games..
Firstly..we played the electric shock thing...and then .. Chop Chilli and lasty
Killer(Sha Shou)..
Really a fine day today..
Getting ready for tomorow!


PS: Too lazy to update CK Designs

Monday, June 16, 2008

Viwawa : Hacked?

Viwawa on my account...playing Big 2.5
Hacked by me??? Seems to have found the Variables for the Cash and Gold.
Why did i hack it?
Main reason: Bored...
Tried to play in the skill server but no $$$ to buy skills!
and my lou dau dont want to ply with me also..
So i go and hack money to buy skills
Unfortunately...can only buy skill.. money will dissappear when i exit the game!!!!!
Argh..theres got to be another way!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Updates on my life...

Really really busy on school stuffs
Preparing for the basketball competition and sorts
and meeting teachers for the kertas kerja stuff
so no time to update haha...
Went to soka yesterday to see Cultural Performance or Malam Muhibah
Performances was amazing! I think there was over 1000 performers
Marching bands
People on people
so many more...
Pictures will be posted later..
Sorry for no updates to the loyal readers out there haha..
Oh and i beat Esther's Geografi marks
Esthers mark is 68 and mine is 95

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back to the School!

Back to the school tomoro! Excited but lazy...Tomorow got training somemore...Damned lazy..I think i gained weights this holiday.But still had lots of fun,and i'm getting free drinks tomorow
( drinks).and on wednesday also free drinks...
Esthers mark for Geografi is 68 only i'm gonna beat her!.

Lolz...Just got tagged by SooAnn(AGAIN!)....Gonna do that later..
Going to update CK Designs now..Remember to visit it


Saturday, June 7, 2008

First-time solving Rubiks

3 solid hours of twisting and turning the cube,thats how long it took me to finish this!
How i suddenly got interested??
Bunch of my friends were St. John's and they went to camp.I have no one to chat with.
While boring,i brought up CK Designs...but i'm still bored.
And thats when i found a old rubiks lying around my was hard to turn.
Went to Toys R Us to buy a new original Rubiks Cube and started twisting...
Couldnt get it without the algorithms so i went to Rubiks website and then looked for algorithms...
After memorizing(not so well) the algo's .I started cubing again.
While eating,while blogging and while chatting
(I'm even doing the cube the second time while typing this!)
I'm just happy that i could do a Rubiks. I got frustrated with rubiks when i was small saying that
they were impossible lol...


Stuck in my head,Here in my home!

I've heard this song on MY FM and since then its been stuck on my head!
I went on a quest to search for this song and it was relatively quick.
What song it is?? Its Here In My Home-Malaysian Artistes For Unity.
About time for the song.

If you want to support this song,embed it into your blog.
Or put this bannner:
free download
What are you waiting for? Support our own country's artistes!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Tagged - by SooAnn

1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5.Put this on your journal.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say?
Ai Cuo (Wrong Love) - Lee Hom

2.How would you describe yourself?
Saturday Night - Lee Hom

3.What do you like in a girl?
Song in My Heart - Lee Hom

4.How do you feel today?
All Hail The Chinese - Lee Hom

5.What is your life's purpose?
Forever Love - Lee Hom

6.What is your motto?
Mayday(Wu Yue Tian) - SHE
So not my motto...

7. What do your friends think of you?
A simple song (Yi Shou Jian Dan De Ge) - Lee Hom
Simpleton maybe??

8.What do you think of your parents?
Julia - Lee Hom

9.What do you think about very often?
Our song(Wo Men De Ge)- Lee Hom

10.What is 2 + 2?
Cinta Hello Kitty - Karen Kong
Odd answer for someone from the top class...I fail maths perhaps..

11.What do you think of your best friend?
Descendant of the Dragons(Long De Chuan Ren)- Lee Hom
WOW! My best friend is a Dragon lol!@!

12.What do you think of the person you like?
Forever Love- Lee Hom
What?? Again!?

13.What is your life story?
Here in my home - Malaysians Artist For Unity
Okay..i'm in my home...

14.What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ting Ma Ma De Hua - Jay Chou
Weird lol

15.What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Rainbow(Cai Hong)- Jay Chou
I think rainbow when i see her?

16.What will you dance to at your wedding?
Xin Zhuo(Horoscope)- Lee Hom
No sense

17.What will they play at your funeral?
I make sins not tragedies - Panic! at the disco

18.What is your hobby/interest?
Free Magic - Utada Hikaru
This fits quite well lol...

19.What is your biggest fear?
Falling leaves return to roots(Luo Ye Gui Gen)- Lee Hom

20.What is your biggest secret?
One Night in Beijing - Wu Yue Tuan (i think so)
My secret?? What did i do in beijing?

21.What do you think of your friends?
Where is the Love - Black Eyed Peas

22.What will you post this as?
Change Myself (Gai Bian Zhi Ji) - Lee Hom
Change what????

23.What song would you play during your first time having sex?
Touch My Body- Mariah Carey

TAGGING: Kit,Karen,Denielle,SooAnn, YOU the one that is reading this!

CK Designs launched!

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CK Designs is still in a Beta stage and i am cleaning up everything.
So while you're here,why not go there and get a tips or two about blogging!
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Genting Pictures (Part 2)

Okay...i'm gonna launce a new web...titled above^...To design stuff and give tip and tricks..
So watch out for it
Time for some pictures!!!
Look how misty it is

Risked my cam to take this shot

16th floor,Maxims Suites

Wow..theres LCD TV

Blur blur...

The closet...
Bathroom tv here also!
Bathroom is bigger than my room!
Walao...Got computer le
I got bring my own laptop also..Talk about multi-tasking
Turn your head and see...The door to my room
Hallway to the room
Wanted to see how i look in the winds

Bored at night

Went to Sushi King later...Had agedashi tofu...and
agedashi tofu and....
Potato Salad Sushi...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trip to genting (Pictures)

WARNING!This post has alot of pictures..Those with slow connection turn back now before your computer hangs!

Okay...time for pictures

Took this picture on my way...Where does the water from the pipe come from?

This stupid uploading image hang on me!!!
Upload later...
Noob punya blogspot

Why why!!!

Why training change to Wednesday... T_T
Just back from genting...then gonna go Lumut at Tuesday...
Gonna be back on Thursday...
I miss training man...
Was preparing to go to training and then Kit
tell me that training change to Wednesday...
Dai Lou Vsoon....dont change anymore...

Realli busy this holiday..
Didnt have time to do school work
Lucky have a friend help me do some...
Really thanks