Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rhythm of Memories 2011

Rhythm of Memories is a short written by my friend Croix , we made this short to promote the school's prom night with the same title , Rhythm of Memories . I have been wanting to shoot something in my own school before i leave, and this gave me the opportunity to do so , although it was quite a last minute, things worked out fine and everything is shot in an afternoon . I've had a similar idea to this , but never really executed it , this gave me a chance for me to learn and practice , as well as helping out my friend to promote the event .

The idea behind Rhythm of Memories is that a group of friends who sit together and reminiscene about their experiences together , just a day before graduating . Each have doubts on what their future will be like , will they cross path again ? They might not know about tomorrow, but they have Today. The short was then linked to the prom night , which gives the students a chance to gather together for a last dance or party , and because Prom is where the students can present a different side of their image rather than the everyday school-look , everyone will be able to have the best memory of each other before parting ways . The point is for them to cherish the present while they still have the chance =)

Initially intended to be a much larger production , with a few more locations , but the short was stripped to the bare minimum and essentials , partly because of budget and time constraints , but also because i felt that it should be done in a way familiar to the students... in the classroom and school they have been in for 5 years. The classroom we intended to shoot in was occupied by the afternoon session students sitting for exam , which leaves only one class room on the top floor, with also another class having examinations right beside us. We had to keep things quiet and fast in order not to be busted (by the school teachers) . The whole thing lasted about 2 or 3 hours .

The "cast" were all first-timers to be in a short like this , we wanted to get more form 5 students to act in the short , but with SPM around the corner , most were unable to lend a hand , so we had to get some of our friends in form 4 to act as to-be graduates =) 

The budget of this short was close to none , as we only used what we already have lying around . Aluminium foils and carboards were used as reflectors , we salvaged a broken table from the school and added wheels to use as a dolly . The only classroom left for us to use only had 2 windows compared to the 3 windows in the other class, so a tabletop lamp was added in the background to compensate for that, a subtle effect as the room had uneven lighting in the middle .The crew or handyman for this short was Chee Yang and Kwon-Ki , the organizer for the prom night event , holding reflectors , lamp , handling the dolly , and also the one behind the camera. The short would not have succeeded if not without them.Post work was done in one day , i had the opportunity to learn how to sub through this , and also valuable experience in cutting , editing and managing the audio . There were also some funny on-set accidents and the constant NG of me (oh god T_T)
too.The NG videos will probably be uploaded after SPM =)

I hope that the video will ring at the same frequency as the audience , when they think about their secondary school journey , and hope that they will appreciate the ones around them . Secondary school comes only once in your life , give it your best and have no regrets when you look back .