Friday, August 29, 2008

Merdeka+Koko day

Today at school was merdeka celebration and also co-curiculum awards day..or something like that. I brought little to no books to school.Then i sneaked out to play (out of class) at 2 maju...during first period.The english period,some homeworks and then on the second english period we did rehearsal for our class singing.There was some activities arranged for that day.Our class (2 Patuh) was gonna sing
Keranamu Malaysia
Tanggal 31 Ogos

And practice we did. Lets skip to recess,got a free iced nescafe at the canteen today ,LOL...
hanged out for awhile before going back to class.Then at class,everyone was busy preparing for the activities later,the girls were busy doing thier hair,tieing BUNS and also puttion on some sorta cap.The not involved guys was playing Chor Dai Di... I sneaked out again to next door 2 Tekun for some Chor Dai Di and also had a Zha Zha session wif Teck Chun... Me and Kit are to Zha him.Pity him,his balls pecah already.. Den,it was 5pm...time to head down for the assembly.
Next to 2 tekun,2 Maju, Gun Hei was sleeping soundly. So we had a plan. All of us will leave her in the class and go for assembly. The plan was ALMOST successful but then the Miyoko banged the table causing her to wake up, what a kill-joy...

So headed down for assembly,did the usual things,songs,and all that stuff... And an HOUR of prize-giving to those "worthy" peoples that did some "special" kind of things...
Then time for the performances,This WAS the plan...

Indian Dance
Chinese Fan Dance
Singing by 2 Patuh

Teacher said that there was no time left and Chinese Fan Dance had to be canceled,But i guess that wasnt the actual reason...I smell Politics involved...or in other words, Race Discrimination...
Those girls that had prepared,rehearsed, gone through alot of practices just for this day...They are Kelian Pauh(Joeii),Wai Teng,Unima(Karen),and also elvy..
I'm not gonna say much about that here,for more info on that go to karens blog:

Time for us to sing , we sang with FULL POWER.But was overwheled by the even more powerful crowd.Lasty,Pn. Foong let them performed,and the girls performed but not in a happy feeling so the dance wasnt as captivating as in the practices...
It was time to go home,and its late. I think its about 7..
I had something to do that day,and i thought that LC wong,miyoko them already went there so i rushed to that particular place,when i was there nothing was to be found.So i sat with the Form 5 to have a cup of cold Iced Lemon Tea at the Mamak Stall. Moments later,LC wong and miyoko arrived and we had a chat,they went to the 7-11 at school =.= before coming here.. Headed home for Cheese Baked Rice HOME MADE,it tasted good and also cheese baked potato..
Had a GB gaming time wif UNIMA,Kit and MK.I was winning alot and lost only a few rounds.
Thats it for the day,i gotta go GB again.. i am ADDICKTED...


Friday, August 22, 2008

A few days of rehearsal...

After a few days of rehearsal there.We didnt really rehearse about anything.
And a few things got wrong too. The so called "DIRECTOR",he said he wanted to quit the team.
Why? I dont know.
But then..after rehearsal, we would play Police and Theif.
And then everyday also run until my leg pain..
About the script..DIRECTOR wrote it in some broken english and alot of words that are transalated directly from chinese. i have to correct it.
Tomorow i have something going on.Damn lol.
I hardly blog now.Cuz i have alot of blogs to manage.

This blog,Coming Soon's Blog,Perimbun Basketball Blog,CK Designs,and a few other one.

and a poem before i close this post...

Will you walk with me?
My friend could you always be?
Will you take my hand ?
When times are tough,can you take command?

Will you laugh with me,
And share in my glee?
Will you be at my side at every turn,
Teaching me the things I need to learn?
Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall,
Will you be with me to share it all?
As we walk together year after year,
Our friendship only will grow more dear!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

OmGz,Look What I Found!!

I just realized that my Synopsis for the drama had been copied.
So far,i found 2 copycats.


And heres a screenshot to prove it!!
This is so unbelieveable???? Go check their blog and see .

(PS: Dont take this for real and remove it,i'm juz playing.You can copy if you want)

Something from the history~

1520 words

Speed test

Speed test, i did it again...
Anyone feel like beating me????
I think i can be better..
I'll try...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The boring holiday....

This holiday so sienz...
Training,training,badminton , badminton,game,game,

Everyday also so sienz.
Always play gb wif mk,he always lose to me.
Then,badminton in the morning,so tired now,
Surf internet.Then when got ppl online, ply viwawa wif her.
Then watch tv,eat,sleep.
Gunbound again.
This holiday is too sienz dy,till i wanna jump to death.
An interesting conversation when i playing GB >.<

Some0ne: Nudge me 3 times
Some0ne: Ooii...
Some0ne: cck!
Me: Ya???
Some0ne: You no care me dy...nothing la..
Me: Where got! I vry care for you de ok??
Me: Sorry,jz now i play game mah..didnt see...
Me: Sorry la...
Some0ne: Ok la....
Me: Tq~
Some0ne: Boring game la
Me: Chor Dai Di at viwawa?
Some0ne: Anything also ok.
Me: Ok~!

Hm..i think i m gonna set this blog to invited readers only,i've been getting alot of spams...
I m so sienz man....
Gonna go sleep again bb>.< ZzzZzzZzzZzZ


Friday, August 15, 2008

Schedule for this holiday

So busy on this holiday...
Badminton,Basketball,Training,Swimming oh my...
Should i go swimming wif *SOMEONE* ?
I dont know haha

18th of August - Basketball Training
19th of August - Secret Training
20th of August - Free
21th of August - Secret Training
22th of August - Secret Training
23th of August - Secret Training
24th of August - Free

Who got go swimming?
Wai Ling

Maybe - Teck lee

i forget dy...
so confused now


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coming Soon Audition~

Hey sup all~ Long time didnt update the blog.Soryy :P
I joined a drama group in our school named
Coming Soon
I'm here to announce that theres an audition on Monday,we are recruiting new members.For more information please log on to