Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy BirdDay! Malaysia!

Today is the 52nd BirdDay of Malaysia~
Malaysia Boleh~!

Well we see this happening everyday on the street in Malaysia,you know?
Our PM,Najib, has set a new "thingy" for Malaysia
called 1Malaysia
Hard to explain,look at the situation below.

Mutusamy,awak ini orang apa?
Saya orang India~!
Muthusamy,awak bukan orang India!
Apa lu cakap?!
Kita semua Orang MALAYSIA! tahu tak?

Now do you understand?
You are not chinese,not malay,not indian,not kadazan,not iban,not human!~
I wish that somehow the racial fights in school will stop.
Well,it always end wif both sides sending "regards" to their parents.
Is this possible?

With all the racial fights in school.
This is hard to achieve = =
Well,we have to NAJIB! lols
"Rakyat didahulukan,Pencapaian diutamakan!"

Malaysia Boleh~!


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Most of us dont realize it,
but all of us meet chameleons everyday.
They can be good,they can be day.
Depends. You know?
Me and hbb talked on this topic a few days ago.
And concluded chameleons exist.
(Dont doubt him,he is Dr.Hanatewakusosushieotakeshiteriyakisuzukihondacivicleekonkek)
Long name wtf.?
Just a word of advice,be careful of chameleons! They bite! lol

No idea what to write.Maybe later,after i get some Inspiration.
This blog's layout is getting old.
But im too lazy >.<
Been playing HoN all day and waiting for LoL keys.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Assumptions lol

Omg this is so funny,found this on someones web. So, tell me. What were you thinking? haha


Watched some movies lately.
Watched "Ling Ling Gao",G.I. Joe and UP with kwonki.
Yeah pak tor wif him for 3 movies.
Gt keng gai also lo
Then yesterday watch UP with sally and kath.
walao,the guy sitting beside me,
Like little kid like tat.
Listen a small funny thing then laugh so loud =.=
Beh tahan.
Their "Laughing Point" very low.
Sommore older than us.
After see movie then went to Wong Kok eat lo.
Took some pics but haven upload.
Maybe later . im lazy =.=

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dance,May I?

Been real busy lately with school and dance
was preparing for the audition for the performance
Will upload more pics later,when i get it on my comp.
Meanwhile,heres some of our practice pics.

Victor and WanShin
Miyoko and Me
WanXin and Kit

Just went for the audition this morning.
Well,everything was fine,except for a few delays.
Once on the bus,chatted till we get there.
Which was about 8.05
Then go area,nobody there yet.
So went to eat,bought Tau Sa Pau lols
Then when going up to area saw high school de ppl.
Went up ,change shirt then prepared lo.
First to audition was yu hua,but there were some technical difficulties.
then some violin indian girl went first.
Then yu hua went again.
Yu hua dance was nice .
Then its our turn.
Sei lo,when getting ready i gt a little sakit perut.
But the dance went well.
Only the ka men part no time to wear glasses.
Then mdm chen said that she liked the Ka Men.
but say that we should change our attire.
The girl not look like girl enuff. lols
And the cheng yao she said the dance very "rude" for girls.
Nvm lo,then we go ply bowling at metro there.
80 points weh =.="
Then went to McDonalds,chatted until late.
Then took a bus back to megah.
DeMin drive me back home then once reached home play computer lo.
Then later cook maggi mee eat,so cham haiz =.="
After tat blogging lo,very sien leh
Nothing to do.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ck Reviews - Muziic

Muziic Interface

Today,for my first review post.
I'm going to review about this player.
Well,i have problems on keeping track of my song list and updated with the latest song.
My problems were past tense once i found this Muziic player.

Speed: 9/10
The loading speed of the song is amazing,considering it is streamed to my desktop.
I dont even have to wait 10secs for the song to load.
Just play and then it'll speed real fast.
(For my internet connection anyway xD)

Graphics/Interface : 10/10
The perfect interface.
Contains a small video playback courtesy of YouTube.
Streamed from Youtube.
On the bottom is the most popular songs listened to.
You can even change your skin.
There's loads of skin that can be downloaded from the website.

Functionality/Songs : 8/10
There's lots of songs to choose from.
Well why an 8?
It lacks some feature that i was hoping for.
Such as repeat and also shuffle
But, you can save your playlist for this time and still load it the next time you get on.
You can even get playlist from their website too.
It has most popular songs and such.
Even piano/guitar covers of songs.
It also has chinese songs,so those that know to type chinese,
There's leehom and more for you

Overall: 8/10
A few more features and it will be perfect.
Well, fast load speed,nice GUI,and lots of songs,what more to wish for?
If you want to stay up to date to the latest songs and dont want the hassle to download them
Then this is the perfect tool for you.
Those that want more from their music player might not get the best though.

Some songs that i recommend:
Viva La vida - Coldplay
Takin' Back my Love - Enrique Iglesias
The Show - Lenka
Time to Pretend - MGMT
New Divide - Linkin Park

And some covers:
Beautiful-Akon (Piano Cover)
I'm Yours-Jason Mraz (Piano Cover)
What I've Done- Linkin Park (Piano Cover)
Love Story - Taylor Swift (Piano cover)
Apologize-The One Republic (Piano Cover)
Sorry Sorry - Superjunior (Piano Cover)

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yesterday was the meeting of St.John members.
It was kinda fun,except for the part where i missed out
Doing the short case T_T
Started out normal,did some kawad.
Was told to form a team for InnerComp.
So me,kit,jie yian and vic form a team.
Didnt train long though,have to train for performance too.
Dance was.... surprising.
Well,surprising to see that guys were shy during Ka Men dance. =.=
Trained until 12 i think.
Then went to mamak for YamCha.
Then i found out that Sally,Kath and Miyoko r goin to Miyoko's house.
To bake cake.
yes,Baking a CAKE
Well,we went there , then once in the house.
Miyoko's musical instruments got molested
We made something like steamboat to eat.
Then kwonki , drink sake till drunken liao.

This photo very got "feel", the sake that kwonki drank
Kwonki,Whole bottle "Tui" in his mouth

Then gt someone like dunwan eat like tat.
Kwonki go call also still dunwan eat.
Nth lo,but kwonki i think he drunk oni dare go de ~_~
After that go bake cake lo.
The cake de ingredient,tommy put wrong liao.
He go put Mint Essence,which is supposed to be Lemon essence =.=
Nvm cont make lo,after that make liao.
Waiting for the cake to be "Baked"
all sit around talk lo.
This is the time i kena "raped" by kath and sally =.=
Walaoeh,they 2 pull hair so damn pain leh.
Their boyfriend sure will suffer xD
Then make liao cake,eat it lo.

The mint still there,even though put alot of lemon essence liao.
Then about this time o,that kath say wan go dance.
Then she no transport then cry liao =.=
I think she is like the Chung Kar Yan.
Understand? if not then go watch "Kah Ho Yuet Yun"
I mean not she look like Kar Yan de face or body,
But the TALENT they have, noe?
Then she and sally go back,we baked the bigger cake.

This one,the cake also ok ok nia.
Well,not bad for 1st time doing it lol
Then went back home liao lo.
Thats the end of "StJohn Restaurant" lol xD


I'm at starbucks The Curve now lol,free wifi ftw!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trial,Trial,is over.

After 1 week of excruciating pain,stress and whatever
The TRIAL is finally over.
I got an A for my BM which is my utmost joy.
and i'm not quite confident about my sejarah.
Anyway,i did my best.
I have no regrets.

After the trials,went to play Bowling at Metropoint.
Got there by bus at about 1.00 i think.
Awfully hungry by then.
Went to some kind of shop.
The mee there,is imported one ok?
U order then they oni import one.
Naik aeroplane from Europe come.
So damn long nid to wait =.=
Then finish eating about 3.00
Walked to metro then played bowling lo
3v3,first round we win
3v3,second round we win (this round gt bet one)
4v4,Miyoko and janyue just arrived,win also lol
After back wan go back lo,Kit sponsor me Setapak Kopi
Lol XD
Then naik teksi back wif Mr.Chocolate,Wong Gam Shan, and Kit
Back home nothing much liao
Just relaxed and played a few rounds of dota
That night no mood play =.=
And TM Cant concentrate bcoz SOMEONE on9 lo.
I tell that SOMEONE to appear off.
Then TM think that she realli off.
Then he can play liao.
Haha so funny xD