Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazily typed this..

Finally got my lazy body to type this post.To all readers,sorry for not updating =P.Have alot of things to do.Heres a list..(i'm damn lazy...)

1.Seni Lakaran for Arca Assemblaj
2.Sivik Folio (i hate dis..)
3.9 more ringkasan to go...(GG pn.chng)
4.Fine-tune new layout
5.Jauhari (pn.chng's again)
6.Longman BM (guess who give this homework?)
7.Guild stuffs
8.KAWAD..damn kawad....
9.Prep for sejarah folio
10.Update this dang blog

10 things to do..Realli lazy leh.. Just watched Kung Fu Chefs today.The movie quite okay.Quite funny also.The effects kinda nice.But its missing something...and i dont know what =D.
Just wrote an essay about Independence Day (its still so freaking far away)for school.Hope will win coz got $$$ $_$ .Comment/Crap about this new layout is appreciated,leave it in the cbox.


ps:the noobs that beg for hacks shall be ignored