Friday, October 30, 2009

Titanic : Two The Surface

This Is It Premiere...Vacancies

Watched the premiere 2 days ago with kit,kwonki and kkj
Went there at about 5 something.
They nv went there b4,so bring them walk walk around.
Walk until sibeh hungry liao then oni go eat =.=
Then go Sakae Sushi eat lor.
I eat so much ler.
Agedashi tofu with rice+Garlic Fried Rice+KappaMaki+ Greentea
But eat so much still cheaper than kkj xD xD
Then after eat,at about 9.00,walked over to e@curve (previously cineleisure)
Halfway there , got some new car launching,Picanto.
Then when wan enter e@curve,
KKJ saw the "Battleground" de judge.
Then beside is the Ryan weH!!!
ASQ 2009 Ryan arh!
We fast fast go take picture lo

See those 2 kelefeh at the right side.
Too excited ah?lol
Went to the cinema there lo
Walaoeh~ so many ppl arh.
Gt so many counters to redeem tickets also.
About 9.15 we enter to the hall.
I think this film premiere use about 6-7 halls.
The movie was damn nice
Showed the rehearsal footage of the concert
and also some comedy haha
It showed how much MJ was a perfectionist.
At the end of the movie,the people watching clap hands weh.
First time see in cinema.
Its almost like being in the concert itself!
After watched the movie.
We went out
and saw more stars !
Saw Daniel,HaoRen and Henley also.
Didnt have time to take a picture with Henley.

First time go out see so many stars leh.
Went home at about 12.00am!~


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I think i've been on the internet for way too long.
Im joking with someone i only met a few times.
Yes,all thanks to sally
Thanks to sally,
I've met a new breed of species.
riding UFOs.(pronounced U-FO)
1 of the new "people" (well theres only 1)
i've met is jeanly.
And through jeanly,i also discovered that sally is an ET!!!
omg omg.
Yeah,they pee through their finger.
And have no basement
(if anyone gets what i mean... only the same kind can understand xD)
And also know a new rule in sally's house.
Next time,im gonna park my car in the "garage".
Gonna go continue riding the internet.
Till i sleep~

nitez to all!

*piak piak piak*

before and after...

Simple representation of Life before and after xD

shamelessly ripped from sooann's blog xD
dont get angry at me~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Charity Dinner!

Expect photo and stories to be up soon xD
Meanwhile here is one to keep all interested lol
Updated =)

Yay madam say us good job!
Okay enuff our performance.
Didnt "xia sui" xD

Waked up early morning
eat,freshen up , bla bla bla
then went over to vic's house.
and wan xin continue the Koon's Family tradition
"Chi Yi Dian" lol xD
Did a few rehearsal
and finalized our clothings
Nothing much,just the usual stuff
After prepared everything,walked to school to wait for the van.
Walao~gt ppl 3.30 oni arrive leh.
Then in the van,i kena "push" until the last seat,corner leh~
damn hot zzz
after that arrived at Hee Loi Tan.
wa,perimbun de first ppl is us lol xD
Still gt a little hot inside,havent open air cond yet.
Then we're showed to our "preparation room"
Went on stage to estimate distances or rehearsal.
After finishing everything,about time the air cond is turned on.
then alot of other peoples are coming in alrdy.
We went into another room to makeup
since our first room is occupied.
Wa~i suddenly be siew wen de "white mouse" zz
apply lip stick and mascara on me.
Yer~Then wax hair lo
And when finish everything take pics.
Alot of things to write here leh.
Just skip ba xD
Skip skip,
went back into our first room.
Those "helpers" went to the entrance to clap.
clap clap clap
We watched ppl coming in from the preparation room.
We just chatted around,revising our steps and also
taking picture? lol
Then halfway waiting...
those helpers attack the room weh~
all also come in zzz
All keep talk talk talk and ppl keep call us quiet lol xD
Then me and yc saw something oo~!
someone run away leh,dun dare come in xD dunno who.
Ask esther to know lo~
After those "dua liap" ppl talk finish
our turn liao!!!!!
victor like very very gan chiong oni lol
Time for our time on the stage
walk on stage .
waited for music
and then...
The routine went very well
but got some part,gt a small error lar,nvm de la
After that thought got food eat leh
wait so long still dun have arhh~
so went to the perimbun table
eat a "little" lar~ lol
Then wait for victor take video
and then went out mamak to eat.
After eating,wait my mom come fetch us lo
Then go home and sleep.
bath and then facebook awhile
then go find sally xD
thanks sally for being the "matchmaker" lol
at last,sleep at 2.30am weh~


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KL Tower,Royal Selangor Piuter

Yesterday,went to lawatan with my class
Oh damn,i forgot that it was 20th ,i thought the lawatan was supposed to be 21st xD
So,that day i woke up late.
And went to school.
Surprising me,my class is waiting near the field.
Im still blur blur dunno got lawatan.
Then asked oni i know zzz.
Called my mom for her to bring my phone.
After get phone , then got on the bus.
Almost the last ppl that got on the bus.
Was lucky to have a seat with ze how,3rd row from front =.=
Whos our neighbour?
Guess who lol xD act paiseh wor
The bus ride so long~
I beh tahan lor
Just chat with ppl and listen song to pass time zz
Then when arrive at KL Tower,
Still need to wait.
Wait wait wait,finally go into some stage area and have speech by
our Mr.Seva ~__~
Then went to the ampitheatre / mini cinema
to see a documentary about the building of KL Tower.
Damn sleepy weh..
Didnt see half of it.
After all that torment was over
Time for us to rise !
I mean,rise to the top of the observation deck of KL Tower
Damn cold,like Genting weh xD

This is me,observating peoples lol.
Actually,from top there can see a few swimming pool.
So,observe swimming pool to see the "beauty of water" xD
Went around a few times.
Here's a group pic:

from left: Seah,Li Wen,Me,Kejun,Ps,SzeYuen

After that we went down,walked to the "Animal Zone"
Or the Green Lungs of Kuala Lumpur.
There is a jungle under KL tower apparently.
Before this,it was named Hutan Simpan Bukit Weld.
Then become Hutan Simpan Bukit Nanas.
Then we split into 4 groups,
Each going into different places.
3 Maju girls got the lane with 500m walk xD
3 Maju boys oni got the 150m one.
Damn nice lol
Then later nid to walk to the Telekomuzium
or Muzium Telekom..
Went there then eat.
Some of us were quite a little lost xD
We're supposed to go to the gallery,but slept a little while at the room.
Oni went out when the girls there went out.
Then walk through the gallery the girls.
At the end have some kind of quiz.
Then after take quiz nid to go to some room.
Sit there gao meh,straight run out lo.
Then outside saw some maju girls also lol.
All run out.
We walked down the stairs.
When arrived at the Ground floor,OMG seva lookin at us xD
We all hide lo.
Then went back up when seva walk this way.
Actually wan call us go down wait for bus zzzz
ma der banana.
Everyone got some kind of poster from the KL Tower forest there.
The girls all like boys liao.
Play sword fight ~__~
Duno how to describe them lo.
Wait for awhile then bus come liao.
Naik bus lo.
Naik bus this time more mood liao.
Then chat with neighbours
Arrived at Royal Selangor Piuter at 3.30
The place damn big weh,gt factory sommore.
Arrived there then break up into groups again.
Our tour guide damn geng one.
The engrish nice dao.
"Next,the piuter is polished to make it shining" ~__~
After walked around and touring the factory,we're brought to the souvenir shop.

Some of the souvenirs
The devil's cup?
The shark!
Golden chicken?
Group pic.

Then at bus chat summore lo.
Chat until go back home.
Waited for my mom to fetch .
Arrived home and straight sleep lo.
Dam tired the whole day ~__~

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Movie spree!

After pmr,sit at home nth do.
Watch movie lo.
This few days i watched

Drag me to hell
PS. I love you
Jennifer's Body
The Ugly Truth

Finish watch how?
Type movie review lo!

Drag me to hell
This movie quite scary and good also
Also gt a little "disgusting" de.
Ma der that nenek go kiss the girl whole mouth like wan bite zZz

Great horror movie.
Unexpected ending
Esther was also unexpected !

Spinning LJ lol

PS. I love you
Overall great movie.
Quite romantic and touching.
Amazed at how the guy made arrangements after he died =O

Jennifer's Body
This movie ok ok oni.
Except for the Jennifer xD

The Ugly Truth
Really funny movie.
Must-see for those that havent see.

I've been seeing alot of Gerald Butler movie.
He is quite good.
One movie that i have been wanting to see is Gamer
Sounds quite nice .


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The End

Today is the day,
End of the torment!
I wanna scream!~


Whoo~! Now can finally sleep peacefully.
Still,have a little worry about my result.
Teacher said that the "Fu Guai San Zhong" gt reserve place for me.
So , i stress =.="
I can concentrate in enjoying life more.
This year,actually felt that passes by faster than i imagined.
And came to think of it,this year also i za-ed alot of ppl.
Yeah ,yeah, i know my za skill is very high.
So,i would like to apologize for things that i have done,
and things that i havent do.
My za-ing is for fun only,dont feel offended >.<
For this holiday,what to do?
Maybe going genting 777 lol
ZoMg,innercomp >.<,i totally forgot,but esther just had to remind me zzz.
PMR over liao,no more excuse to skip training,skip this skip that zz
Today,i watched The Ugly Truth and also Jennifer's Body.
Ugly Truth damn funny leh.
Just downloaded damn alot of movies:

The Ugly Truth
District 9
Bruno (OMG lol)
Year one
Jennifer's Body
Drag Me To Hell

Still gt wad movie leh?
My house can open cinema liao xD
Damn it,i m thinking what more to write on this blog.
Im desperately trying to lengthen my post >.<
Oh yeah,i rediscovered Simple Plan.
I like their song
because its not all about love,like most of the songs today.
They have some inspirational music
and also nice music~ xD

"I try not to think
About the pain I feel inside
Did you know you used to be my hero?
All the days you spent with me
Now seem so far away
And it feels like you don't care anymore"

At school,we got ppl that like to "Chung Luo Buo(carrot) and chilli" lol
Im gonna post up some Aftereffects work soon.
Yeah,before i forget.Get ready for project: Mission Impossible 7 lol.
Thats it for today.


Monday, October 12, 2009


this post is dedicated specially to Mr.Koon Kah Jun
Which has a problem of understanding simple language such as english and bm.

Here is your answer to every question: CLICK HERE

That should help you understand basic communication languages

KH notes.

Phew,finally, a little time to relax.
Finished off all the main subjects in PMR.
Heres some KH notes i gotten off the web.

Elektrik ]Download[
Elektronik ]Download[
Jahitan ]Download[
Lukisan Teknik ]Download[
Masakan ]Download[
Kerja Paip ]Download[

Good luck tomorrow for KH and also those that taking chinese =)


Monday, October 5, 2009

2 days




I know,this is not the best time to get broken .
Cant help it =(