Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally exam over!

Exam is over and damn tired now..
Yesterday went to Leisure mall wif TM,HBB,tkc,pinky to celebrate .
Watched High School Musical 3 cuz other movie are all +18pl, dunno why gt so many that day .

Later kwonki dunno how to take bus back so he follow tkc back cus tkc wan play balls...
Later me,pinky and TM go to Starbucks

to drink coffee and chit-chat until 7.... wtf right? we not so rich to we go Setarbak Kopi only...

Just got my BM Exam paper and got 79 marks without doing pemahaman which i forgot to do
And my science paper one is just 32 marks. Damn sked now leh..
For those ppl in exam(buy 4d also listen) that is CHA YI DIAN, listen to this song:


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Special Interview with Miyoko

Hello everybody,
A surprise from me! A special interview with Miyoko,want to know more about her? Just read on! Lots of people wanna read this interview especially KIT. NOW, Jump on and read!. Except if u are Kit then u might not wanna know,or maybe she dosent want you knowing.So , lets start with a biodata first

Name: Tee Yeou Huey
Nickname: Miyoko , Mimi~tea/girl , Yoko-yoko
Age : 14
Height : 146cm
Weight : Not to be disclosed (super BIG secret)
Bloodtype : Not to be disclosed (secret)
*Cawan untuk dia* (Who can understand?)

Interviewer : Hello,Miyoko,U know who i m and i know who u r,so why dont u start by introducing yourself
Miyoko: Hello,I'm miyoko and i'm 14 this year...I study in SMK Perimbun

Interviewer : What do you feel about the school?
Miyoko: I think that the school is good lo,the teaher got good got bad.Also have alot of friends here

Interviewer : Now that the final exam is over,have you any regrets and are you confident of your result?
Miyoko : I feel very nervous before the exam,now,my regrets? i think dun have any lo... Confidence is 50/50 lo...

Interviewer : Any secrets to share here?
Miyoko : Yea,i will tell you all about my first love. Despite popular belief that my first love is Kah Kit, its not. Its actually Chung Hoong. Yea , so stop talking about kahkit. Kah kit is my second one,started in Form 2 and ended relatively quick.He's not that good kind and i dont like him,Bleah *Vomits*
Ck: Nvm,nothing so weird about ending quick,

"He's not that good kind" - Miyoko
Interviewer: What do you think about this blog?
Miyoko : I think it is really good,the designer have really good design taste :P

Interviewer: Thanks for loaning out your time for this interview,See you later
Miyoko : No problem! See you later

And thats the end of the interview.The interviewer would like to keep his Identity a secret so i could not reveal it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What a splash

Went to sunway yesterday with mk,kit,kk,victor,wong cb. Had a very fun time. We went to all of the rides and did not waste time. From 10am to 6pm we were all busy. Very very exhausted after that,but went to Old Town Kopitiam in Sunway Pyramid to eat wif kwon ki . I ate curry mee and had white cofffee . Kwonki ordered black tea and also asam laksa that is as sour as dunno wad.
Then go home by taxi.Very very tired...Watched 2 movie b4 i slept at 3.30am and woke up at 1pm. I m going to sleep now so .....