Sunday, March 30, 2008

So long...

So long didnt post haha,lots of things have been going on at school last few days...
Been the happiest and saddest moments so far.Friends are breaking apart but new ones are beginning to form for me.Thinking of that,i have been lucky to be in my class.Recently,my friend told me that she(yes,a she) saw me on TV and i was like LOL?
Its because i was the first one on the stage to get autograph from the Romantic Princess Actors..haha.Thats it for now,gotta go now so go figure what i said..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Romantic Princess Promo Tour 2008 Malaysia!

My VIP Pass

Yesterday i went to 1Utama to see the 4 Nan Feng guys which is:
Wu Chun

Calvin Chen
George Hu
Eric Lee

Luckily,my dad gave me a VIP seat there and i was able to interact with them in close range...ok not so close range.

Took some pictures,and got his signature on my Romantic Princess DVD..oh and i shaked hands with all of them....i'll go get more pics so watch out for this!
Enjoy the pictures!