Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vote for this!

Hey everyone! I need your help now to win a contest..
Well , this is the picture!
Nice? Help me by voting for it in the Lumixgrapher contest!!
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remember! click and vote everyday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New style!

Hey sup everyone!
Tried a new style on my blog!
I was going for simple and clean look..
so what do you think??

X-Mini in the house!

whee! got new speakers! X-Mini..
Small size but big sound weh~
Bass = love!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pasto Cafe ... 10/4/2010

Hello everyone! Seems like a long time since i've updated >.<
Dont run away though! I will update every possible time! remember to visit daily! =D
Seems like i havent blog about my dinner with '10 dears and darlings~ so i'll do it now ^^
Well it was just a normal gathering/dinner at Pasto Cafe.. just near our area.
new creation? hmmm

weird...the menu name is not the same with the restaurant O_o
i had Chicken Doria and Ice Cappucino for that day.. YUMMY~
And now the fooods~~
they were mouthwatering..and tasty!

another spaghetti
and...another spaghetti


lamb chop? i forgot ><
risotto .. i think ..

comes with mashed potato! yummy
i think this is bacon salad with seafood?

FLOAT~ haha

Earl Grey tea

and now the group pictures..
< serena

Bubble mouth?

Number Twos!! haha

All Boys..

4 Golden Flower? ? haha ..lengluis

a little bokeh..?

we tried some long exposure shots too..without tripod >.<
my shot~ haha

Good food and atmosphere here..
We need to come here another time! haha !
hope there will be another time when we will take over the restaurant again!


Thursday, April 1, 2010


I want to update...but i dont know what to say ><
So im gonna try to make this post as long as possible?
Lately? nothing much.. April Fools is gonna end in like 30minutes..
Hmm.. went to UPM to perform..
Well the only thing i can say is...the whole thing was SYOK SENDIRI =_=
Performers...Audience... BOTH ALSO PERIMBUN!!
And teacher said we r the earliest school to arrive.. more like the only school ..
Really beh tahan lor...
But... Bought something hehe..and took alot picture tat day..
bcoz really really reallly too free =_=

Can you see it?? HAHA ><
It was a WWF button.. RM5..
Ermm...what more??
nothing lor...
anticipating the 10Dinner =D
Hope that it will be a success !