Saturday, November 28, 2009

Teaser Musical 43

Hey readers!
This is something i worked on before PMR
Recently had the time to add audio
Please give comments!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

O_o MP3 Player?

Seems that i've rediscovered my Sony Walkman.
Yeah,new use for it.
I cleaned up the drive and put my kpop songs inside
Last time it only used about 300mb out of 1gig.
Now it is almost full *evil laughs*
Now i can carry them everywhere.
I kinda hate Sony Ericsson phone where the normal Headphones wont work
because the have those "different" jacks
Woo~ i can listen to music while i sleep kekeke!

OMG~ My macbook's hard drive is about to run out of space!
I checked today and guess what! I have about 250mb left ZOMG~!
So, i did some cleanup,deleted some unwanted stuff
like those music from performance
and other loads of crap.
Guess how much space i saved..
Nearly 20gb O_o
Thats alot,i even shocked myself.
Theres like 10gb of unwanted stuff in my "Downloads" folder
Those things that i use 1 time then din use alrdy
Also i found out that my phone pics
Those pics of me , my fren, me and my fren , school life, non school life
whatever thats in my phone , those memories
is about 2-3gb ..
I guess someday it'll be of use..
Like during graduation?
Hey,im starting to miss my friends
those that i havent see in a while now.
A shoutout to all my friends!
How are you all doing??
Leave me a message on the cbox,i "manimani" appreciate it xP
Maybe we should come out and yamcha?
But only a few is close de
Some ask them go somewhere gai gai also dunwan
"No money" wor~
Aiyoyo...come out gather oni ley..
Kaykay,everybody, save up some money to yamcha ok??

Also a song to recommend
A cover by BigBang..its This Love
Yeah,it has the same beat as the Marron 5 version
Quite catchy actually.

OMg~ what m i doing again,up so late bloggin..
I cant sleep =.=



Wednesday, November 25, 2009


To be honest,i have nothing to blog about =(
All i got to do this holiday... is nothing
The only thing pulling me through this holiday is SNSD
Thanks for being there , killing the boringness xP
I just watch those variety shows and other stuff
I was gonna watch New Moon earlier today.
But i figured to close it at the first 10 min
The torrent was badly cropped =.=

Currently planning to go genting.
Dont know whether can make it anot.
Coz of time constraints =.=
and also some nt sure answers~
The only thing to do when im on my laptop is...
Check Soshified
Check facebook
Check MSN
No other things... argh~
So.. im currently kinda liking k-pop stuffs
One thing leads to another..
From SNSD, i liked other bands
like KARA,SHINee and SuJu
Im currently finding their discography
My SNSD discography is almost complete
SHINee is complete
KARA half complete
and SuJu is not complete
Yeah~ kill boringness by downloading song
Get something for me worth expecting for.

Notice that i havent added KARA's and SuJu's songs..
What to do!~
Also Intimate Note and Star Golden Bell are really funny to watch
I have also gotten back into photoshopping siggies
After so long being out of work =.=
Heres a few example..

Not bad right? xP
For someone out of practice for sooooo long ~
Also have been uploading SNSD MV Caps .
I want to do some Motion Graphics effect too.
But i dont have any aim!~
Oh yeah... theres still the "Musical 43" project ...
I havent added sound effects..
Might continue on it and post it up on youtube...
Its like a horror movie..
A teacher kills student? something like that
I think i still have that AGM Opening video laying somewhere in my computer.
Im too lazy to go find it ~__~
Any good music to recommend to me??
Oh and,i found out that this song has quite a catchy beat :
"Sugar" by Flo-Rida
quite old right?
Also heres a song to share with all
I find it relaxing and has a soothing feeling
Its called.. Heaven , sang by Jessica and Tiffany.
Jessica is the first to sing and the other is Tiffany
Also Wedding Dress by TaeYang of BigBang is also a good listen

Oh yeah,just now i've been to PappaRich
To say..the ice lemon tea there not quite nice..
Its a little.. tasteless?
But the Buns there are great!
Also the pau..damn nice
Ermm..what more to blog about..
Yeah,although i was a little disappointed about not getting the job
Well,no biggie..
Maybe there will be more chance next year.
Movies to look out for..
Avatar,Prince of Persia and Ninja Assassin
Ah..talking about Ninja Assassin
Starring Rain (Bi)
It had garnered so much attention in the US O_o
Well.. also a song by rain..called Love Story
Quite nice also.
OMG~ i m talking about alot of korean songs here =.=
Hope the readers dont mind xD
This song has quite a catchy beat,and also great dance *nosebleeds* xD
The member that i found most pretty is Park Gyuri and also Goo Hara

O_o , somehow , i managed to lengthen this post..
lols,feeling of achievement
to be able to lengthen a post about "Nothingness"
Ah well, its almost 4am in the morning.
Time to go to sleep.
Nites.. fellow readers!
Sleep well and sleep early xP


Monday, November 23, 2009

Dai Shui Hao no more liao!

I didnt get the job for Werk~
That means my money for holiday no more liao!
Shitzzzz , i really need it =.=
I think its probably because im 15?
Omg~ unfair age?? =.=

Anyways,holiday is really boring
Because nobody wants to come out =(
Really nothing to do except watch shows/movies.
In this few days..
I've watched...

Girls go to school
Horror Movie Factory
Factory Girl
Hello Baby

omg~ its like almost 10 episode each show =.=
What to do??
Anyone! just ask me out now!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Nite~ WooOO~oo

Funny ?

ck Reviews |

Gooood morning everybody!~~
Welcome to the 2nd segment of ck Reviews xD
This time im gonna review about
Recently discoverd this thingy.
Something that is like Muziic,but with Shuffle!

I was looking around for something similar to Muziic to be used on my mac.
i stumbled upon this web.
Yes,its online
You dont have to download anything.
The speed is on par with Muziic , i can say.
It has a clean,minimalistic look.
One of the things i like about this is,
you can search for discography.
which means every song an artist sang before.
Just select the album and add to playlist.
Saved me alot of time finding songs >.<
Or,you could also search at youtube
for those song that is not in the discography
Everything is almost the same with Muziic.
Great for listening songs without downloading them.
Dont need to say much,go try it for yourself

thats it for today
and that concludes our segment for the review..
byes~ everybody
a goodbye kiss from yoona~
muah~ >.<

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Yesterday went to see 2012 with kwonki,kit and kkj
went there at 5 something..
arrived there,kit go FOS get tickets..
after that we go Secret Recipe to get some snacks.
gt Teatime special frm 3-6pm
i had Blackforest cake,kwonki had Classic cheese.
Later went to walk around.
Kit go borrow Jcard and we go greenbox sing 30minute..
then go into the cinema at about 8..
kkj this time see star
see alone also
we sit at G7,8,9
but he sit at D2 lol.
The movie is quite nice.
talk about the sun shooting out something at 2012..
then the earth crust gets affected and gets hot
then earth crust moves around..
and then causing earthquakes and tsunamis
geng leh,china build the arks.
Halfway through the movie... gt technical problem lol..
first time in cinema get technical problem.
the film get teared up..
the scene damn funny,everyone shouting..
then say "free popcorn!","cetak rompak ah?"
then resumed normal le.
finish the movie at 11pm..
me ,kit and kwonki went to HwangKee to eat..
reached home at about 12 gua...i forget liao..
went home straight sleep liao..
damn tired weh..


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Get into the Flow~

Yay,for new style for this blog
after duno how many years didnt change.
i think that the readers also bored liao lo.
This is new de~
Hope that you all enjoy this.
Please comment in the cbox
Suggestions are appreciated ^^

Gonna sleep early tonight,going to school tmr...


Friday, November 6, 2009

OhMyGod ~ im getting fat xD

Yeh,i think im gonna be fat soon...
If my current schedule continues for 1 more week...
Let me tell more about my current schedule..

12pm - wake up
12.30pm - actually wake up
12.35 - have my brunch..
1.00 - freshen up
1.30 - lay down on sofa with laptop
from 1.30 to 7.00 - take some trips to the fridge to get food and drink
otherwise lay on sofa...
7.30 - eat dinner.
7.45 - lay on sofa again , continue until 1.00am
1.30am - try to sleep
2.00am - actually sleep.

you see...i dont actually walk around much..
except trips to take food.
and just now,i had a 2 cakes...3 sushi and a pack of Maggi Goreng.
By the end of this holiday,im gonna be Mr.Pan Ming Chuan no2 xD (paiseh arh pan shuai~)
I think im gonna be fatter than Serena also (OMG noooo~!!!!)
Any of you girls know any tips for dieting??
btw to wx...

that is not a "spray" , its shampoo =.=

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Alarm rang at 7.30 in the morning....
Woke up,and went to freshen up.
After bathing etc... received a message frm Yang di-Pertuan Aeroplane.
Then open door to take that voucher..
at 8 something,kwonki,sally and kuanhuei came to my house.
Then 8.30 go to school,fetched kit on the way.
At school ps and kejun and serena was waiting for us.
Then reached Sunway at about 9.15am .
TeckLee them still haven arrived.
So we waited for them at J.Co Donuts.
They arrived at about 10 something.
Then went to buy tickets for sunway lagoon.
Argh,had to wait for Ps and Kejun who was walking around sunway.
Okay then later got into sunway lagoon.
First we went to the lockers.
Tried as hard as we could to stuff bags inside lockers xD
Then we went to play dry park first..
We, the guys were not wearing any shirt xP
Played the RollerCoaster~
Sat at the last place with kwonki.
Walao~ damn shuang ley. When drop down arh,our butt nt touching the seat lol
AFter that went to ply some kind of bird and also shoe de ~__~
After tat ply Niagara Falls Flume Ride.
The ones on the "same boat" with me is Kejun,Sally,Ps
Wa~haven ply wet park also whole body wet liao,all splash the water =.=
sat infront for the both time we played..
Then went to play Grand Canyon something.also played 2 rounds,sat wif ps.
Too many ppl plyed,Like 10 different ppl xD cnt remember =P
After that we headed to wet park.
tis part gt alot ley,so skip lar,im lazy and tired xP
Went to some kind of "Captain Jack Restaurant" to eat.
Then we countinue ply..
We plyed until about 4.35
Then went to bath liao~
thanks to ps and kejun sponsor us the shampoo xD
We're done at about 5.25 like that..
Snapped some pics here xD

Then went out.
Nt long after,ps and kejun came.
They had to go back early.
So let them go back lor..
After that we continue to play at dry park.
Played Teacup and Tomahawk.
We didnt make it to the Roller Coaster.
Walao~ply Tomahawk.
i nearly deaf.
That serena sit behind kena rape =.=
Shout damn loud!
Then we went outside liao.
Then outside saw some korean ppl~
We went tot take picture xD

Go eat lor.
Bring them go outside sunway eat.
MaheM~ that very cheap Cheese Baked Rice and Spaghetthi dunno go whr liao!
Haiz~ forced to eat Ying Yong..
The ying yong damn sucks la ~
Then we went back into Sunway after eating.
Go eat ice creamat mcdonalds xD
then at about 8.00 my mom came to fetch us liao~
Reached home damn tired weh~
Watched tv awhile then blog liao.
Haiz wan go sleep liao damn tired~
nitez bb~ =P