Thursday, November 28, 2013

graduation projects

So, i have recently ... well not recently,  seems awhile ago. But time passes so fast . Anyway , I've been involved in a little for the graduation video for smjk yu hua . Well not much ,  but i managed some behind the scenes shot of them practicing , and the day of the shooting of the video. Looking at them just reminds me of how old i am . ouch. This one and a half year passed so fast , and i just recall most of my time spent sleeping in school. Oh well...

There's been a handful of projects that i have been involved in while at my year in yuhua , but i guess this is the first one that is more towards music ? I'll blog about the other projects if i have time. I do have some photo posted on facebook though. High school is one of the truly best times in life , and being in form six, i kind of like cheated to get two more years of high school , although in a different environment with different friends, well i still managed to find some joy.

Back to the graduation song and video , well actually they had two songs for this year , but i'm only involved in one. Well , mainly just doing some videography and holding the camera for them , but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I get to see what others think when they do the video, there are shots that i would have done differently , but everyone has their own style and that is one of the things about art i guess ? There are many ways to express yourself , and many ways to solve a problem.

Watching them do this just makes me feel a little envy, i hope i had the chance to do this during my own graduation year, but its sad that our school are not as free on this part as yuhua. We had other things though, well you cant have it all right ? Im glad that i was able to experience a different kind of graduation , though admittedly it was a little unlike graduation without the gowns and big hall . But this video have shown that friends can get together and do something special that will be remembered for the rest of their life, the sweet memories of high school , the ring of the school bell and laughter between friends. I know i will.

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